Why Your Practice Needs To Have A Dental Marketing Video

Why Your Practice Needs To Have A Dental Marketing Video

You might have heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” However, if that is true, then how much is a video worth? When you consider all of the online marketing strategies and tactics that your dental office uses, the most valuable one of all could prove to be a marketing video.

Virtual Office Visits

Incorporating photos into their office environment is always a great idea for a dental website. It provides prospective patients with a good idea of what can be expected during their office visit. However, if you have a dental marketing video, you can take these impressions to an entirely new level. If you have the right kind of marketing video, it will also provide people with a glimpse into the personality of your dentist, dynamics of your office staff, and provide a more accurate view of the dentist office environment. Having a video can help to build rapport and trust with your staff and office before patients ever step through your door.

Convert More Of Your Website Visitors Into Patients

When people visit your website, why settle for just using words to tell them about your office when you can show them so much more with a video? A majority of people when they visit a website do not read every single word of content. When you post a dental marketing video on your website it provides your visitors with an easy and convenient way to learn more about your dental practice compared to merely reading text on the page.

It has been shown by studies that posting a video instead of only text can significantly increase conversion rates. Some statistics, in fact, show that people who visit websites that have videos on them stay on the site for two minutes longer and also are more than 50% more likely to make a purchase from the website. Just think about how these numbers can result in additional new patients from your website every year from just one video.

Make Better Use Of Social Media

Dental marketing videos can also be used for multiple purposes. They are very effective at increasing website conversions, but they also can be very valuable and effective as social media promotion tools. You can post your dental marketing videos to YouTube and then optimize them so that they appear on both Google and YouTube search results. This can be used effectively on Facebook to provide your profile with an extra element or be used as promoted posts as well.

How To Create Your Dental Marketing Video

Since videos are so valuable to your overall online marketing strategy it is very important that you understand that the quality of your video is critical. A video that is comprised of an office tour that has been quickly thrown together and recorded on a smartphone will not get anywhere near as good a response as a well-scripted and well-edited video will for your online marketing campaigns. A dental marketing video is one tactic. However, it is a very valuable investment as well, and one that you don’t want to skimp on when it comes to resources, effort, or time. Whether you hire a professional or have the necessary resources and tools to do it yourself, every good dental marketing video needs to include shots of the following:

  • The dental office
  • The dentist
  • Staff and patients
  • Patient testimonials
  • Certifications, degrees, and awards

Every dental video needs to be scripted and be created for the specific audience of your dental office. It needs to be concise, but comprehensive enough to provide your views with an accurate depiction of your dentist office.

If your website doesn’t contain a dental marketing video, then you are missing out on many new patient conversions that could be produced by your website for your dentist office. Get started today!

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