Video Marketing Advice For Dentists And Small Businesses

Video Marketing Advice For Dentists And Small Businesses

What should you do if 24% of people were afraid of your profession, on average you saw your customers only two times a year, and every block in your city had your competitors on it? Those difficulties probably sound very familiar if you are a dentist.

Fortunately, video and digital marketing are prepared to fill up your dentist chair and office with brand new patients. Video marketing, in addition to such tools as social media, reviews and referral programs, has become a very effective marketing method for numerous dental practices.

By capitalizing on the unique benefits provided by on-site video, retaining and educating current patients, and building trust with prospective clients, smart dentists are beating the competition and expanding their businesses. Dr. Chelsea Ingrid is a dentist who has been very successful with her video marketing strategy.

Not only is knowledge power, but it is comforting as well.

When you are going to visit the dentist there are many unknowns that are involved. How much is it going to cost? How much pain will I be in? Is the dentist nice? If some of these unknowns can be eliminated for prospective patients, it can help to reduce some of the mental barriers, relieve some anxiety, and help to convince new clients to try your dentist office out.

Dr. Ingrid says that many new patients join her office because of the overall feel they were able to get from her website. She says that patients have said they felt like they know here before they booked an appointment. Choosing a new provider can be scary, whether it is a hair stylist, internist or dentist. Ingrid says that the more they know about her and her practice, the more of an informed decision they are able to make in determining whether or not she is the right fit for the person.

Having a friendly website design and great Yelp reviews definitely helps, but it can be very difficult to compete with a dentist who effectively creates an emotional connection through the use of a video.

Dr. Ingrid says that these days patients want to be informed and educated about you, your practice, your philosophy, and your team. She says they have given their practice a web personality and set themselves apart through the use of video.

Build relationships to retain dental patients

In order to build a sustainable business, it is just as important to create meaningful relationships and retain current customers as it is to find new patients. To stay in their minds and educate her patients, Dr. Ingrid makes tutorial videos on topics like what toothpaste to use and how to properly brush your teeth.

Dr. Ingrid says she started to make how-to videos because it was fairly common for patients to completely forget what they had discussed when they were in her dentist’s chair. She says she understands because she is the same way when she is the one sitting in the chair. Patients are frequently inundated with tons of information, but educational videos such as the ones that Dr. Ingrid makes can serve as useful and friendly follow-up tools.

According to Dr. Ingrid, those kinds of videos also can help to strengthen relationships with patients who maybe haven’t been in for a visit for a while. She says as new products are introduced into the market, she often wants to tell her patients about them. However, not all of her patients are due to come in for an appointment. So using videos helps her to deliver the messages to her patients at home, instead of having to wait for them to come in for their dental appointments. As patients get more exposure to Dr. Ingrid it helps them to become more comfortable and familiar with her dental practice. Why should you wait for 6 months or longer to speak with your patients when you can scale your personal communication through the use of video?

Rank higher than your competitors and build your business

As a dental practice (or any kind of small business), the trust is if you don’t establish a strong web presence, you will be outranked by your competitors. Since an increasing number of people are searching the internet to book their appointments, you can go far by having effective marketing tools such as videos.

Measure and make improvements

Wistia allows you to track in real time how viewers engage with your content, so you can determine what is resonating (and not) to improve your videos. Dr. Ingrid says that has helped her know which area of each of her videos may be especially interesting, or if a video might be too long.

Dr. Ingrid uses Wistia’s analytics to determine where her viewers are. That helps her make informed decisions when it comes to her marketing strategy. For instance, if a majority of her viewers are located in Orlando, FL, then she can optimize her page where the video is with keywords such as “Dentist in Orlando, FL.”

Kinds of videos to create

In addition to the types of videos that have been used to market Dr. Ingrid’s practice, there are many other kinds you can try out as well. The following is a list of a few to get started with. Videos should be viewed as a way to scale your personal communications. There are endless possibilities!

  • About us. Provide prospective customers with a reason to trust the individuals that are a part of your business. Sincere introductions and smiling faces can be very effective.
  • Testimonials. Ask some of your happy customers to get on camera and answers a few questions, then insert some footage of the two of you chatting.
  • Followup thank you videos sent in an email. After a patient visits your office, email them with a followup thank you video.
  • Hyper-targeted videos to specific types of patients. Maybe you have some younger patients who are really afraid to come in for their dental appointments. Send a “good job” video to their families as positive reinforcement.
  • Educational videos about major procedures. Going through a major dental procedure is often quite nerve-racking. Make a short video that shows all of the steps that are involved and then send it to your patient a few days before their appointment. It will help them get mentally prepared.
  • Oral health awareness videos. These types of videos can help to remind patients that there is more to going to the dentist than getting cleanings. Another important aspect of regular dentist visits is getting screened for oral diseases.

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