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How To Have A Naturally Perfect Smile For Photos

For budgeting reasons, you may find that you need to use one of your in-house staff as a model in your promotional video. An area that we find most models struggle with is in naturally smiling for the camera.

We’ve put together some tips for your model to help them make the most of what they already have going for them.

Smiling is easy, all it takes is an uplifting moment to turn your lips up into a smile. This is a completely different story when you are taking photos. There is also a difference in learning to smile for pictures your friends and family take and smiling for modeling pictures. To impress casting agents and photographers, you need to be able to smile as naturally as possible. This can be difficult when you add the other models, the critics and the bright lights to the equation. Fortunately, there are some helpful tips that can help you overcome this challenge.

Practice Makes Perfect

When you practice, you should stand in front of a clean mirror and study what you look like when you smile. You could take some pictures of yourself with your phone to help with this. Doing this will help you determine the best angle for pictures, but you should ensure that you do not overdo this. A good tip is to tilt your face down slightly to get the most flattering angle.

Smile With The Eyes

Using a jack-o-lantern face is one of the ways that you ruin any picture. This face is when you smile will all of your teeth, but with no expression in the eyes. It is important to note that there are 2 types of smiles which are the Duchenne or genuine smile and the Botox or fake smile.

When working as a model, you need to come across as approachable and sincere in all your pictures, particularly when you have to endorse a product. Tyra Banks has famously stated that the Duchenne is a smile, which means that you are smiling with your eyes. One of the best ways to achieve this smile for pictures is to imagine you are smiling at someone you love and you might be amazed at the results.

Take Care Of Your Teeth And Lips

A healthy mouth will generally translate into a confident smile. When you smile with discolored teeth or chapped lips, the result is going to be unflattering. As a model, you need to understand that your looks are everything in this business, so take the time and the money to invest in taking care of your physical features.

To care for your lips, you should use an exfoliating lip scrub and use lip balm to keep them moisturized and healthy. To get the perfect smile, you will need to ensure that your teeth stay stain free as well. You can use stain-removing toothpaste for this and avoid drinking soda or coffee which colors your teeth.

If you need serious help, we recommend finding a professional who specializes in cosmetic dentistry. A great one in our area is a DMD in Jacksonville Florida. You can also check out their reviews here and here.

Do Not Overthink The Poses

When you overthink the poses, you are going to end up with an awkward body and face. The best way to avoid doing this is to drown out everything and retreat to your own happy place. You should consider thinking about subjects that always make you smile. This could be a person, a place or a memory that always brings a smile to your face.

Be Confident

Photographers are not actually looking for the perfect smile, they are looking to capture a confident and happy model. When you worry too much about how you look, this will be seen in the pictures. When the photographer starts taking pictures, you should not be afraid to let loose. A positive and relaxed vibe will help you produce the perfect pictures that you are looking for.

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Video Marketing Advice For Dentists And Small Businesses

What should you do if 24% of people were afraid of your profession, on average you saw your customers only two times a year, and every block in your city had your competitors on it? Those difficulties probably sound very familiar if you are a dentist.

Fortunately, video and digital marketing are prepared to fill up your dentist chair and office with brand new patients. Video marketing, in addition to such tools as social media, reviews and referral programs, has become a very effective marketing method for numerous dental practices.

By capitalizing on the unique benefits provided by on-site video, retaining and educating current patients, and building trust with prospective clients, smart dentists are beating the competition and expanding their businesses. Dr. Chelsea Ingrid is a dentist who has been very successful with her video marketing strategy.

Not only is knowledge power, but it is comforting as well.

When you are going to visit the dentist there are many unknowns that are involved. How much is it going to cost? How much pain will I be in? Is the dentist nice? If some of these unknowns can be eliminated for prospective patients, it can help to reduce some of the mental barriers, relieve some anxiety, and help to convince new clients to try your dentist office out.

Dr. Ingrid says that many new patients join her office because of the overall feel they were able to get from her website. She says that patients have said they felt like they know here before they booked an appointment. Choosing a new provider can be scary, whether it is a hair stylist, internist or dentist. Ingrid says that the more they know about her and her practice, the more of an informed decision they are able to make in determining whether or not she is the right fit for the person.

Having a friendly website design and great Yelp reviews definitely helps, but it can be very difficult to compete with a dentist who effectively creates an emotional connection through the use of a video.

Dr. Ingrid says that these days patients want to be informed and educated about you, your practice, your philosophy, and your team. She says they have given their practice a web personality and set themselves apart through the use of video.

Build relationships to retain dental patients

In order to build a sustainable business, it is just as important to create meaningful relationships and retain current customers as it is to find new patients. To stay in their minds and educate her patients, Dr. Ingrid makes tutorial videos on topics like what toothpaste to use and how to properly brush your teeth.

Dr. Ingrid says she started to make how-to videos because it was fairly common for patients to completely forget what they had discussed when they were in her dentist’s chair. She says she understands because she is the same way when she is the one sitting in the chair. Patients are frequently inundated with tons of information, but educational videos such as the ones that Dr. Ingrid makes can serve as useful and friendly follow-up tools.

According to Dr. Ingrid, those kinds of videos also can help to strengthen relationships with patients who maybe haven’t been in for a visit for a while. She says as new products are introduced into the market, she often wants to tell her patients about them. However, not all of her patients are due to come in for an appointment. So using videos helps her to deliver the messages to her patients at home, instead of having to wait for them to come in for their dental appointments. As patients get more exposure to Dr. Ingrid it helps them to become more comfortable and familiar with her dental practice. Why should you wait for 6 months or longer to speak with your patients when you can scale your personal communication through the use of video?

Rank higher than your competitors and build your business

As a dental practice (or any kind of small business), the trust is if you don’t establish a strong web presence, you will be outranked by your competitors. Since an increasing number of people are searching the internet to book their appointments, you can go far by having effective marketing tools such as videos.

Measure and make improvements

Wistia allows you to track in real time how viewers engage with your content, so you can determine what is resonating (and not) to improve your videos. Dr. Ingrid says that has helped her know which area of each of her videos may be especially interesting, or if a video might be too long.

Dr. Ingrid uses Wistia’s analytics to determine where her viewers are. That helps her make informed decisions when it comes to her marketing strategy. For instance, if a majority of her viewers are located in Orlando, FL, then she can optimize her page where the video is with keywords such as “Dentist in Orlando, FL.”

Kinds of videos to create

In addition to the types of videos that have been used to market Dr. Ingrid’s practice, there are many other kinds you can try out as well. The following is a list of a few to get started with. Videos should be viewed as a way to scale your personal communications. There are endless possibilities!

  • About us. Provide prospective customers with a reason to trust the individuals that are a part of your business. Sincere introductions and smiling faces can be very effective.
  • Testimonials. Ask some of your happy customers to get on camera and answers a few questions, then insert some footage of the two of you chatting.
  • Followup thank you videos sent in an email. After a patient visits your office, email them with a followup thank you video.
  • Hyper-targeted videos to specific types of patients. Maybe you have some younger patients who are really afraid to come in for their dental appointments. Send a “good job” video to their families as positive reinforcement.
  • Educational videos about major procedures. Going through a major dental procedure is often quite nerve-racking. Make a short video that shows all of the steps that are involved and then send it to your patient a few days before their appointment. It will help them get mentally prepared.
  • Oral health awareness videos. These types of videos can help to remind patients that there is more to going to the dentist than getting cleanings. Another important aspect of regular dentist visits is getting screened for oral diseases.
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Why Your Practice Needs To Have A Dental Marketing Video

You might have heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” However, if that is true, then how much is a video worth? When you consider all of the online marketing strategies and tactics that your dental office uses, the most valuable one of all could prove to be a marketing video.

Virtual Office Visits

Incorporating photos into their office environment is always a great idea for a dental website. It provides prospective patients with a good idea of what can be expected during their office visit. However, if you have a dental marketing video, you can take these impressions to an entirely new level. If you have the right kind of marketing video, it will also provide people with a glimpse into the personality of your dentist, dynamics of your office staff, and provide a more accurate view of the dentist office environment. Having a video can help to build rapport and trust with your staff and office before patients ever step through your door.

Convert More Of Your Website Visitors Into Patients

When people visit your website, why settle for just using words to tell them about your office when you can show them so much more with a video? A majority of people when they visit a website do not read every single word of content. When you post a dental marketing video on your website it provides your visitors with an easy and convenient way to learn more about your dental practice compared to merely reading text on the page.

It has been shown by studies that posting a video instead of only text can significantly increase conversion rates. Some statistics, in fact, show that people who visit websites that have videos on them stay on the site for two minutes longer and also are more than 50% more likely to make a purchase from the website. Just think about how these numbers can result in additional new patients from your website every year from just one video.

Make Better Use Of Social Media

Dental marketing videos can also be used for multiple purposes. They are very effective at increasing website conversions, but they also can be very valuable and effective as social media promotion tools. You can post your dental marketing videos to YouTube and then optimize them so that they appear on both Google and YouTube search results. This can be used effectively on Facebook to provide your profile with an extra element or be used as promoted posts as well.

How To Create Your Dental Marketing Video

Since videos are so valuable to your overall online marketing strategy it is very important that you understand that the quality of your video is critical. A video that is comprised of an office tour that has been quickly thrown together and recorded on a smartphone will not get anywhere near as good a response as a well-scripted and well-edited video will for your online marketing campaigns. A dental marketing video is one tactic. However, it is a very valuable investment as well, and one that you don’t want to skimp on when it comes to resources, effort, or time. Whether you hire a professional or have the necessary resources and tools to do it yourself, every good dental marketing video needs to include shots of the following:

  • The dental office
  • The dentist
  • Staff and patients
  • Patient testimonials
  • Certifications, degrees, and awards

Every dental video needs to be scripted and be created for the specific audience of your dental office. It needs to be concise, but comprehensive enough to provide your views with an accurate depiction of your dentist office.

If your website doesn’t contain a dental marketing video, then you are missing out on many new patient conversions that could be produced by your website for your dentist office. Get started today!

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5 Easy Tips For Shooting Your Promo Videos

Hi guys, thanks for joining me at the video for social media. My name is Shirley and I will teach you how to make a dentist promotional video today, really easy to do.

All you need is two things to start: a camera and a smartphone, and you can create great dental promotional materials.

Tip 1

There are five things you’ll want to think about before you start shooting, and the first thing you want to think about is the legal side.

The questions you need to ask yourself are: Do you have permission to shoot there and if you are approached by someone, do you have good paperwork? And I know it may seem tedious, but it’s really very simple.

If you download an app on your smartphone called Easy Release. It creates release forms for the models you use or the locations – and it’s really nice to have because it’s a free app and it just keeps you protected.

Tip 2

The second thing we are going to talk about is emotion.

I often know that every time you see a video, you think it looks really good and honestly, it probably does look pretty good visually. But what connects you to a video is the emotions.

The best filmmakers and the best videographers will always communicate with emotion.

They want you to feel what it’s like when you’re in this place, or they want you to feel what it’s like to be with that person. They want you to feel good when you have their product, so what do they do? They intentionally load their videos full of emotion, and you have to do the same thing.

So, what’s more, important is that you get a snapshot that makes you feel like you’re feeling at this place or with that person or with this product, instead of just showing the product or someone using it the product, you want to communicate, lifestyle, design, and great emotion.

Tip 3

The third thing you want to do is to have a shooting list. You want to have at least a general idea of ​​some things you want to see and a shooting list can have some basic elements.

The first thing is an opening shot, and that’s what an opening shot looks like and what you want to set. Where you are is pretty much everything. A wide shot has very little movement, but if it has movement, it’s very very light, and it’s just enough to help your audience know where they are in the first second when they start watching your video.

The second thing you want to have in your firing list is to have a list of some B-rolls. So we shot this promo for a coffee shop and what we needed was coffee. We needed you to know people who work there, we wanted you to see some of the decorations and we also wanted to see the staff just to show how nice they were. These are four things I could add to my gun list and I could take pictures, and it would really help me with a one-minute dental promo.

Tip 4

The fourth thing you want to think about is that you want to shoot for your editing, which means that you really want to stick to your firing list. You want to think when you shoot, where will it go when I edit it in my timeline or edit it on my phone? Where will it go and many times you will see things a little differently.

Oh, I like that. Oh, I like that. Oh, I like that, but if it does not communicate that emotion and you do not think you’re going to use it in your editing and it’s a bit like a secondary scenario you’d like to have in your dentist promo.

You really want to think about: This is my beginning. It’s my environment and it’s my end. While you’re shooting, it’s going to help you, you get the shots, you need and it’ll tell you, “Hey, you know that those shots you’re getting now are probably not going to work.” So just think about the shooting for editing.

Tip 5

The fifth thing is probably the most important thing of all and it’s to have fun!

If you do not have fun in your video, people will say it’s dull. These are boring people, you know that the person who is filming is not even into it, but if you have fun, I guarantee that your audience will have fun.

So you take these five things and you can get a great video!

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