5 Easy Tips For Shooting Your Promo Videos

5 Easy Tips For Shooting Your Promo Videos

Hi guys, thanks for joining me at the video for social media. My name is Shirley and I will teach you how to make a dentist promotional video today, really easy to do.

All you need is two things to start: a camera and a smartphone, and you can create great dental promotional materials.

Tip 1

There are five things you’ll want to think about before you start shooting, and the first thing you want to think about is the legal side.

The questions you need to ask yourself are: Do you have permission to shoot there and if you are approached by someone, do you have good paperwork? And I know it may seem tedious, but it’s really very simple.

If you download an app on your smartphone called Easy Release. It creates release forms for the models you use or the locations – and it’s really nice to have because it’s a free app and it just keeps you protected.

Tip 2

The second thing we are going to talk about is emotion.

I often know that every time you see a video, you think it looks really good and honestly, it probably does look pretty good visually. But what connects you to a video is the emotions.

The best filmmakers and the best videographers will always communicate with emotion.

They want you to feel what it’s like when you’re in this place, or they want you to feel what it’s like to be with that person. They want you to feel good when you have their product, so what do they do? They intentionally load their videos full of emotion, and you have to do the same thing.

So, what’s more, important is that you get a snapshot that makes you feel like you’re feeling at this place or with that person or with this product, instead of just showing the product or someone using it the product, you want to communicate, lifestyle, design, and great emotion.

Tip 3

The third thing you want to do is to have a shooting list. You want to have at least a general idea of ​​some things you want to see and a shooting list can have some basic elements.

The first thing is an opening shot, and that’s what an opening shot looks like and what you want to set. Where you are is pretty much everything. A wide shot has very little movement, but if it has movement, it’s very very light, and it’s just enough to help your audience know where they are in the first second when they start watching your video.

The second thing you want to have in your firing list is to have a list of some B-rolls. So we shot this promo for a coffee shop and what we needed was coffee. We needed you to know people who work there, we wanted you to see some of the decorations and we also wanted to see the staff just to show how nice they were. These are four things I could add to my gun list and I could take pictures, and it would really help me with a one-minute dental promo.

Tip 4

The fourth thing you want to think about is that you want to shoot for your editing, which means that you really want to stick to your firing list. You want to think when you shoot, where will it go when I edit it in my timeline or edit it on my phone? Where will it go and many times you will see things a little differently.

Oh, I like that. Oh, I like that. Oh, I like that, but if it does not communicate that emotion and you do not think you’re going to use it in your editing and it’s a bit like a secondary scenario you’d like to have in your dentist promo.

You really want to think about: This is my beginning. It’s my environment and it’s my end. While you’re shooting, it’s going to help you, you get the shots, you need and it’ll tell you, “Hey, you know that those shots you’re getting now are probably not going to work.” So just think about the shooting for editing.

Tip 5

The fifth thing is probably the most important thing of all and it’s to have fun!

If you do not have fun in your video, people will say it’s dull. These are boring people, you know that the person who is filming is not even into it, but if you have fun, I guarantee that your audience will have fun.

So you take these five things and you can get a great video!

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